AGM Minutes

Staple Village Hall


(Draft) Minutes of the Last AGM: (26th April 2016):

n.b. The status of the minutes will remain as Draft, until approved at the next AGM.



Minutes of the AGM held at Staple Village Hall on Tuesday 26th April 2016

Present: John Kirk (JK)

David Facey (DF)

Bridget Burridge(BB)

Angela Chandler (AC)

Sue Coulson (SC)

Ursula Timpson (UT)

Glenn Missons (GM)

Paul Wells (PW)

Gill Boyd (GB)


JK welcomed the committee and 7 villagers to the meeting

Apologies for absence

No apologies were received from Mia Brooman.




The Minutes were available to be read and a query was made about some proposals made at the last AGM which had not been minuted. It was agreed that these had not been formally seconded so were not included.

The Minutes of the last AGM were then accepted as a true record, proposed by PW and seconded by SC


Matters Arising


The proposals made last year concerning elected members of the committee living in the village and child safeguarding were again put forward for discussion but were not seconded.

Chairman’s report


JK reported the year had proceeded with no major projects, just general upkeep and continuing to maintain and gradually improve the Hall.

He reported damage to the roof which had caused a leak. This matter was dealt with but because of a design fault in the roof construction, we may need further repairs to other parts of the roof later.

JK thanked the Committee for their time, attendance and help in running the hall.





Treasurer’s Report


DF presented the financial report which showed we are in a healthy position. He explained the main maintenance costs were for the playground.

The grant from the PC has increased and the insurance premium has gone down. There is still an ongoing insurance claim (probably fraudulent) to be settled.

Booking officer’s report

SC reported bookings were fairly stable and though we have lost the regular WI booking we have gained 2 other regular weekly evening groups and the Pre-School has now added 3 afternoons per week.

GM gave a report on the Playground equipment

The annual inspection by Wicksteed showed no major problems. We have replaced the chains and seats of two of the swingsand will continue to monitor the playground carefully.

Up-date on heating

BB reported the heating problems appear to have been solved by a day’s work replacing radiator valves and clearing out years’ worth of debris from the cases. The pressure is now constant which suggests there are no more leaks, and the heating timer is carefully monitored to conserve fuel.


As Phil Holden has resigned from the committee and BB can no longer be WI Representative, she will become the 4th elected member in his place. (Proposed by Trevor Bartlett, seconded by Susan Facey)

Questions and comments from the floor.

A question about heating for evening events was discussed and resolved.

At a rehearsal of ‘Revelation Strings’ recently the conductor reported several members of the orchestra had commented on what a great asset the hall is.

It was noted that Mr Derek Flood had recently passed away. The village owes him a large debt of gratitude for his contribution to the building of ourpresent Village Hall.



The meeting closed at 8.45pm