important notice

Staple Village Hall

Suspicious Activities In The Village Hall Driveway:

In recent weeks it's become clear that there's regular, suspicious activity in the driveway/ car park of the Village Hall.

Cars are pulling up, opening their windows and handing cash over in return for 'small packages'.

The obvious conclusion is that this is drug-related activity.  -  And it must be stopped!

In response to these observations, the Village Hall Committee has installed an additional CTV camera.

If anyone spots any suspicious vehicles / activity; could they please take a note of them.

And then e mail the details to DDC's Community Safety Officer: 


Regular hall users include:

Staple  Pre-School

Staple Parent & Toddler  Group

Staple Youth Club

Staple Short Mat Bowls Club

Staple Country Fayre

Recent (-ish) Developments:

In order for Pre-School to operate at the same time as the Parent & Toddler Group - a room divider has been installed.

This is a very impressive, sturdy item and has already proved to be a most useful and an invaluable asset to the Hall.

Care of The Hall and The Recreation Ground:

Through a thorough and comprehensive regime of day to day to maintrenance / regular decoration / annual boiler servicing / annual safety checks of the play equipment / responding to feedback from hirers etc; the pro-active Village Hall and Recreation Ground Managemt Committee has been able to keep down expenditure - by dealing with minor, inexpensive problems, as they occur (rather than leaving them unti expensive, major works are required),   In this way, the Committee has made best use of its resources, while at the same time keeping the fabric of the building and the decorative standard of tthe Hall sufficiently high enough to continue to attract both long and short term hirers.